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The GUDC will develop standards for building design, product design, facilities management and business practices. All standards will be developed using an ANSI approved process but they will not be ANSI designated standards.

The first standards development initiative is focused on Commercial Buildings. When that work is ready for public review, it will be posted under Draft Standards in this section.

Committee Forming

GUDC is forming a Commercial Building Consensus Committee (CBCC) to approve, revise and interpret the Universal Design Standards for Commercial Building. We need consumers, design experts, legislators, federal agencies, manufacturers, sales people, building owners, developers, and professionals like you representing various interest groups to come together as a consensus body. The CBCC will revise the standards until consensus is reached and the first-ever Universal Design Standards can be unveiled.

We encourage the involvement of individuals, organizations and governments who seek to learn more about and accelerate the interest, investment, and adoption of universal design in the development of buildings, products, and environments. 

Your participation in GUDC will bring new perspectives to the process of creating voluntary standards for the application of Universal Design (UD), educational programs, collaborative initiatives with other organizations, and other activities of the Commission.

For more information and to get involved, please contact us.

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Global Universal Design Commission

Global Universal Design Commission, Inc., (GUDC) a not-for-profit corporation, was established to develop Universal Design (UD) standards for buildings, products and services.



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Global Universal Design Commission, Inc. (GUDC)
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